Biomolecular and Tissue Engineering

Immunofluorescence staining image showing the cardiomyocytes in green and the fibroblasts interspersed around them in red. Note the alignment of the cells around the central pore.Duke BME research focuses on three broad areas of biotechnology: protein engineering, cellular engineering, and tissue engineering.

Much of the department's efforts are focused through the Center for Biomolecular Tissue Engineering.

Protein engineering concerns the design of proteins and oligopeptides that elicit specific ligand-receptor interactions or that can be used to develop targeted drug therapies. Cellular engineering research focuses on the regulation of the external and internal environment of cells for promoting specific expression of biomolecules, improving drug and gene delivery, or facilitating tissue engineering. The purpose of our tissue engineering work is two fold: the design or modification of matrices that promote or inhibit specific interactions with proteins, cells, and tissues; and the production of ordered ensembles of cells for therapeutic or technical applications.

Biomolecular and Tissue Engineering Faculty