BME Design Fellows

An intensive design program for BME students

The Biomedical Engineering Fellows is an intensive design program for BME students interested in pursuing careers in medical technology that will provide them with practical design experience.


The courses in this program will allow students to become comfortable with performing electronic and mchanical computer aided design (CAD), printed circuit board (PCB) layout and fabrication, and electronic signal processing in hardware and with microcontrollers.  Each student will design, construct and demonstrate a functional medical instrument based on a clinical need identified by a Duke University Medical Center clinician, and their device will be tested and iterated on through low-medium-high fidelity prototyping. Students will also be exposed to the FDA medical device clearance process.

The program involves the following courses:

  • Freshman Design (EGR101) [required for all Pratt students]
  • Medtech Device Prototyping Skills (BME290L) [recommended sophomore or junior year]
    • CAD
    • 3D printing
    • ECAD (schematic capture, PCB layout & fabrication)
    • Electronics specification testing
    • Agile Project Management / Kanban Boards
  • Medical Device Design I (BME 473L) [junior spring]
  • Medical Device Design II (BME474L) [senior fall]
  • Advanced Design Elective
    • Medical Software Design (BME547)
    • Quality Systems for BME (BME590) [prereq: BME474L]
    • Advanced Design & Manufacturing (BME590L) [prereq: BME474L]
    • Medical Electrical Devices (BME590L) [prereq: BME474L]
    • Design Project Independent Study (requires pre-approval)

Faculty advisors

Mark Palmeri

Professor of the Practice (Director and Program Founder)

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Eric S Richardson

Associate Professor of the Practice (Director of Design Health)

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Aaron Kyle

Associate Professor of the Practice

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Industry and Medical Center Opportunities 

Students who participate in this program frequently engage in summer internships with biomedical engineering companies, both inside and outside Research Triangle Part (RTP), including:  

Students have had opportunities to design medical devices in various departments within Duke University Hospital, including: 

  • Duke University School of Nursing 
  • Duke Surgery
  • Duke Gastroenterology 
  • Duke Urology
  • Duke Neurology
  • Duke Pediatrics

How to Apply

Click here to apply for the Design Fellows program.  Fellows for the program are selected in the fall semester of their junior year.  Please note that this application process will be shifting to the sophomore year starting in Fall 2023.


Read more about the BME Design Fellows the feature story from the Duke BME Magazine.

See a highlighted project on an mHealth Tympanometer that BME Design Fellows have worked on to help screen children for hearing loss in low-resource areas.


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