Master's Certificate Programs

Duke BME Master's Certificates

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Biomedical Data Science

The master's Certificate in Biomedical Data Science gives biomedical engineers a competitive edge in industry and academia, translating biomedical data into actionable health insights.

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The master's Certificate in Biotechnology provides Duke BME students with in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge techniques for modeling, analyzing and designing molecular and cellular systems.

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Medical Device Design

Duke BME Master's students who earn the Certificate in Medical Device Design are well-prepared for a career in the medical device industry.

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Neural Engineering

Students who earn the master's Certificate in Neural Engineering gain practical experience toward the discovery of new applications of tools, approaches and skills to diagnose, study, and treat disorders and diseases of the human nervous system.

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Affiliated Master's Certificates

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Duke BME participates in the university-wide Graduate Certificate Program in Nanoscience—which provides graduate students an interdisciplinary education in the broad areas of nanoscience and nanomaterials.

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Duke BME participates in the Duke Photonics Certificate—which provides a venue for learning more about this path to interdisciplinary research and technology development.

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