light blue DNA double helix strand

February 18, 2019

Single CRISPR Treatment Provides Long-Term Benefits in Mice

Genetic edits and protein restoration in mouse models of Duchenne muscular dystrophy remain viable one year after single CRISPR treatment

Sun breaks through clouds above Fitzpatrick Center

February 14, 2019

New Program at Duke to Embed Ethics in Engineering, Computer Science Education

An interdisciplinary ethics program will offer Duke students a framework for navigating the challenges posed by advanced technologies

Photoacoustic imaging shows the absolute temperatures elevated by high-intensity focused ultrasound in small animal models at one, three and five seconds.

February 13, 2019

Light and Sound Gauge the Temperature of Deep Tissues

Non-invasive imaging technique could greatly enhance cancer therapies

graphic of a transparent brain with a tumor and the 'tumor monorail' device sticking into it

February 06, 2019

Brain Tumor 'Pied Piper' Device Gains Breakthrough Status

Dean Ravi Bellamkonda's team's 'Pied Piper' lures aggressive brain tumor cells out of the patient

Duke Engineering students and Prof. Ann Saterbak working in the Duke Engineering Design Pod.

February 05, 2019

Duke Engineering Joins KEEN Network

The growing national partnership of engineering schools and faculty promotes an entrepreneurial mindset

Paul Fearis

February 05, 2019

Paul Fearis: Informing Innovation at Duke BME

With a novel approach to medical device design, Duke BME’s newest faculty member seeks to prepare students for success in the medical device industry

Nimmi Ramanujam working in a lab with two students

January 31, 2019

Q&A with a Duke Inventor Dedicated to Reforming Women’s Health

Engineering professor Nimmi Ramanujam describes how she came up with the idea for a device that allows for a speculum-free cervical exam, and what’s next for her lab.

Lucas Hoffman (MEng 2020) and Juan Velasquez (Pratt ’19) collaborate with Erin West, Duke’s new Costume Shop manager, on a prosthetic system to help form clothing for people with disabilities.

January 18, 2019

Artful Engineering: Prosthetics at the Duke Costume Shop

Two engineering students and the manager of the Duke Costume Shop share their unique collaboration to build a prosthetic device.

Lingchong You, the Paul Ruffin Scarborough Associate Professor of Engineering at Duke

January 16, 2019

Simple Rules Predict and Explain Biological Mutualism

Machine learning model foretells whether symbiotic relationships will thrive or collapse

Researchers Brian Hawkins, Katelyn Sellgren and James Thostenson work together at the Center for WaSH-AID.

January 10, 2019

Fecal Matters: Learning About Health Through Waste

The Duke "Smart Toilet" looks to make use of the valuable information about our health that we literally flush away multiple times a day.

Junjie Yao

December 17, 2018

Yao Receives IEEE Photonics Society 2019 Young Investigator Award

Yao recognized for his innovative work in the field of photoacoustic tomography