A gloved hand holds a clear slide with many square segments etched into it Featured

December 03, 2021

Rapid Test Identifies Antibody Effectiveness Against COVID-19 Variants

Test could measure patient immunity against multiple COVID-19 variants such as Omicron and Delta at once and inform which synthetic monoclonal antibody to use for treatments

December 02, 2021 | Duke University

Inside Class'room' Learning

This year, across Duke University, safety came first. Professors had to envision new learning methods, those that drew on the intimacies of a shared environment but allowed for interactions amid masking, distance and testing

Duke Engineering professor Stacy Tantum and an engineering student

December 02, 2021

KEEN Teaching: Duke Engineering Faculty Engage with National Education Network

Faculty are creating impactful educational experiences grounded in problem-based learning and an entrepreneurial mindset

Two bright images of layered skin, with one barely showing a long pointy object toward the bottom

December 01, 2021

Eye Imaging Technology Breaks Through Skin by Crossing Beams

New approach to optical coherence tomography increases its depth of view in biological tissues

Three blue squares with multicolored blobs in the middle, with mostly red/orange in the center and green/blue at the edges

November 30, 2021

High-Speed Holography of Cells Spots Physical Beacons of Disease

Measuring the variability of thickness within thousands of cells per minute spots physical signs of cancer and carcinogenic exposure

Pictures of three Duke scholarship recipients

November 30, 2021 | Duke MEDx News

Barr-Spach Scholarships Support Engineering Study by Duke Medical Students

Two med students are pursuing Duke's Artificial Intelligence for Product Innovation Master of Engineering. A resident physician is completing an MS in Biomedical Engineering.

Three surgeons stand around a bed with a mannequin surrounded by machinery

November 29, 2021

Cross-Training Graduate Students to Develop Smart Robotic Surgical Instruments

Duke’s new NSF Research Traineeship Program brings engineers and computer scientists into the operating room to solve unmet surgical challenges

two women working in a science lab

November 23, 2021 | Duke Today

Duke Science and Technology is 'Accepting the Challenge'

The faculty recruitment and retention effort, called Duke Science and Technology, will give the university resources to expand core strengths in Duke’s research, extending to nearly every corner of the university.

A headshot of a man in front of an orange background

November 22, 2021

Mikhail Nikiforov: Connecting Subcellular Disruptions to Diseases to Discover Treatments

New faculty member Mikhail Nikiforov studies fundamental biological puzzles while building bridges between disciplines to see where the pieces he’s discovered fit

 NC Department of Natural and Cultural Resources

November 19, 2021

Blake Wilson Receives Top North Carolina Award

Wilson receives the state’s highest civilian honor in recognition of his pioneering role in developing cochlear implants

Wilkinson family with sign outside building

November 17, 2021

“A Joyful Day”: Dedicating the Wilkinson Building

More than 200 well-wishers gathered Saturday, November 13 to celebrate the opening of Duke Engineering’s new Wilkinson Building