Three illustrations of petri dishes with different patterns inside

September 10, 2020

Sound Waves Replace Human Hands in Petri Dish Experiments

Three proof-of-concept prototypes seek to make contactless ‘acoustic tweezer’ technology available to a wide array of laboratories

plastic tubes in the shape of a Y being held in a tray by gloved hands

September 03, 2020

Sophisticated Modeling Boosts Split Ventilators to Emergency FDA Review

Duke engineers and clinicians devise a system for ensuring patients receive just the right amount of air

Duke's 10 newest A. James Clark Scholars completed an additional four-day pre-orientation that included discussions and exercises with Duke faculty and experts.

August 31, 2020

Class of 2024 A. James Clark Scholars Arrive at Duke

Duke welcomed 10 outstanding first-year students from eight U.S. states and Kenya to join its student body as A. James Clark Scholars

A single dark tube splits into two glowing red tubes

August 27, 2020

Scientists Pair 3D Bioprinting and Computer Modeling to Examine Cancer Spread in Blood Vessels

Advanced computer simulations help better understand how tumor cells attach to blood vessels to form new tumors

Man stands cross-armed in front of a window with a stone chapel behind

August 26, 2020

Type 2 Diabetes Drugs Work Better in Tethered Combination Therapy

Slow-release molecule featuring two complementary type 2 diabetes drugs controls blood sugar levels while promoting weight loss in mice for one week following a single injection

Cameron McIntyre

August 21, 2020

Cameron McIntyre: Improving Deep Brain Stimulation Through Entrepreneurship

New faculty member Cameron McIntyre will leverage interdisciplinary programs at Duke to pursue technologies to clinically improve deep brain stimulation

Xiaoyue Ni

August 18, 2020

Xiaoyue Ni: Designing Smart Materials and Wearable Technologies to Improve Health

New faculty member Xiaoyue Ni develops programmable materials and wearable electronic devices to advance precision medicine and health monitoring in the digital age

Trent Semans Center (left) and Pratt School of Engineering (right)

August 17, 2020

Rames and Cox Named Newest Barr-Spach Medicine and Engineering Scholars

Endowed scholarship supports med students as they pursue engineering degree

Duke Engineering master's students in class discussion

August 13, 2020

New Master’s Degree Applies AI to Product Innovation

The industry-focused Master of Engineering program launches in Fall 2021 with both online and on-campus options

A schematic of the structure of the nanofiber scaffolding. Image by Chelsea Fries, PhD student in the Collier Lab

August 12, 2020

Self-Assembling Nanofibers Could Improve Nasal-Based Vaccine Delivery

The new platform provides potential for more effective vaccines with fewer side effects

Kathy Nightingale

August 04, 2020

Nightingale Named to NIBIB National Advisory Council

Kathy Nightingale will join the council, which provides biomedical expertise to the leaders of various health organizations