Vision and Mission


Through its faculty and graduates, the Duke University Department of Biomedical Engineering is a driving force in creating engineering knowledge and novel biomedical technology that improve the human condition through the advancement of clinical care and biomedical science.


The mission of the Department of Biomedical Engineering has its foundation in that of Duke University. Thus, we seek to:

  • prepare our students for lives of skilled and ethical service to their communities by creating a free and open learning environment that fosters their intellectual growth
  • advance the frontiers of scientific inquiry
  • contribute with distinction to the international community of scholarship

As biomedical engineers, our unique mission is to:

  • create enabling technologies for the improvement of human health and health care
  • create new knowledge at the interface between engineering and biomedical science

We work closely with medical researchers to identify important problems that impact human health and solve them using our technical expertise. We engage motivated and talented students in the classroom, laboratory and clinic, imparting to them the spirit of our mission as we prepare them for future careers as effective, knowledgeable, and ethical leaders in corporate, professional, and academic communities.