Oversight Committee

Through project selection and review, and periodic assessment of the program, the Oversight Committee ensures the quality of translational projects and the sustainability of the Translational Partnership.

The independent Oversight Committee, chaired by the BME Department Chair, includes members from Duke as well as industry and venture capital. 


The roles of the Oversight Committee are:

  1. Assist with team and proposal solicitation and development
  2. Review and select individual translational research projects for funding  
  3. Assess periodic reports for the projects and the program
  4. Evaluate project portfolio
  5. Provide mentoring to teams  
  6. Provide regular feedback to the Program PI, Co-PI and CPD about the program
  7. Provide updates to the senior University administration as needed or requested


The committee members include: 

  • Scott Antonia, MD, PhD, Professor, Medicine - Oncology
  • Dani Bolognesi, PhD, Professor, Surgical Sciences
  • Ed Field, President, BioLabs NC
  • Joseph Izatt, PhD, Chairman and Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Coulter Translational Partnership Grant PI
  • Nandan Lad, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Neurosurgery
  • Barry Myers, MD, Ph.D., MBA Professor of Biomedical Engineering,  Coulter Program Director, Director of Emerging Programs, Duke Translational Research Institute (DTRI), ex officio
  • Robin Rasor, MS, CLP, Executive Director, Duke Office of Licensing and Ventures
  • John Schilling, MD, Partner, TPG Capital
  • John Sundy, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Officer, Pandion Therapeutics
  • Scott Weiner, Partner, Amzak Health