Sharon Gerecht

Paul M. Gross Distinguished Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Gerecht’s research group studies how the microenvironment regulates cellular responses, with the long-term goal of developing countermeasures and therapeutics. We develop biomaterials and culture systems to emulate mechanical and physical stressors toward understanding tissue function, reliance, and homeostasis. We also use that information to uncover pathways in injury and disease development to guide tissue healing and regeneration. We focus on blood vessels and their multifaceted roles in tissue performance, aging, and disease. 

Appointments and Affiliations

  • Paul M. Gross Distinguished Professor
  • Professor of Biomedical Engineering
  • Associate Dean for Research and Infrastructure in the Pratt School of Engineering
  • Member of the Duke Cancer Institute

Contact Information


  • Ph.D. Israel Institute of Technology (Israel), 2004

Research Interests

stem cells, biomaterials, hypoxia, blood vessels, physics of cancer, regenerative medicine

Courses Taught

  • BME 890: Advanced topics for PhD students
  • BME 792: Continuation of Graduate Independent Study
  • BME 791: Graduate Independent Study
  • BME 644: Physiology for Engineers
  • BME 494: Projects in Biomedical Engineering (GE)
  • BME 493: Projects in Biomedical Engineering (GE)
  • BME 394: Projects in Biomedical Engineering (GE)

In the News

Representative Publications

  • Marino-Bravante, Gloria E., Alexis E. Carey, Laura Hüser, Agrani Dixit, Vania Wang, Amanpreet Kaur, Ying Liu, et al. “Age-dependent loss of HAPLN1 erodes vascular integrity via indirect upregulation of endothelial ICAM1 in melanoma.” Nature Aging 4, no. 3 (March 2024): 350–63.
  • Tran, Avery T., Emily O. Wisniewski, Panagiotis Mistriotis, Konstantin Stoletov, Maria Parlani, Alice Amitrano, Brent Ifemembi, et al. “Cytoplasmic accumulation and plasma membrane association of anillin and Ect2 promote confined migration and invasion.” Res Sq, January 10, 2024.
  • Wei, Zhao, Meng Lei, Yaohui Wang, Yizhou Xie, Xueyong Xie, Dongwei Lan, Yuanbo Jia, et al. “Hydrogels with tunable mechanical plasticity regulate endothelial cell outgrowth in vasculogenesis and angiogenesis.” Nature Communications 14, no. 1 (December 2023): 8307.
  • Guan, Y., L. Racioppi, and S. Gerecht. “Engineering biomaterials to tailor the microenvironment for macrophage–endothelium interactions.” Nature Reviews Materials 8, no. 10 (October 1, 2023): 688–99.
  • Song, Jiyeon, and Sharon Gerecht. “Hydrogels to Recapture Extracellular Matrix Cues That Regulate Vascularization.” Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology 43, no. 8 (August 2023): e291–302.