Duke/Coulter Translational Research Partnership

Duke BME is one of nine BME programs to receive a Partnership award in 2005 from the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation to support collaborative translational research projects that involve co-investigators from the Department of Biomedical Engineering and a clinical department in the Duke University Health System. The goal of this program is to support collaborative research that addresses unmet clinical needs and leads to improvements in health care and to commercial products.

Examples of desirable outcomes include inventions, patents, improved diagnosis and treatment of disease, follow-on funding (e.g. grants, SBIR, angel investment) commercial products, licenses, commercial partnerships and start-up companies. Through this Award, the Foundation forms a working partnership with the Biomedical Engineering Department to promote, develop, and support translational research through such activities as funding promising research projects, increasing and supporting effective collaborations between biomedical engineers and clinicians in the School of Medicine, increasing awareness of the importance of moving promising technologies to clinical application, and developing and supporting sustainable programs and processes that will increase, enhance, and accelerate this movement. The goal of this partnership is to focus on outcomes which would improve patient care.