Checking the Status of Your Request

After you submit the request, the system collects the following:

  • Approval from your supervisor¹
  • Approval from your BME sponsor, if required¹
  • Approval from the BME DUS²
  • Registration information²

¹ Pratt Fellows: instead of supervisor and sponsor approvals, the system collects the Fellowship verification

² Students taking EGR independent studies: instead of BME DUS approval, the system collects approval from Dean Franzoni, who also sends you the registration information.

Watch Your Email

You will receive three (or four, if sponsor is required) emails from that report the result of each step. Please read these emails! About 20 percent of the requests are not approved. If your request was not approved, nothing else will happen until you make corrections.

To find the status of your request, examine all emails from

  1. Is there an email stating that your supervisor/sponsor approved your request?
    If you do not see any email with your supervisor/sponsor approval, you need to contact him/her.
  2. Is there an email stating that the DUS approved?
    You should receive it within one to two days after your supervisor/sponsor approval. Contact the DUS if it has been more that two days after you received the supervisor/sponsor approval.
  3. Is there an email with the registration information?
    Ms. Meade receives notification from the system as soon as the DUS approves your request. She then asks the Registrar to set up a section of BME 394/493/494 for you. That takes one to two days. So, within two days you should get an email with your registration information. This email should come from


If you cannot find any emails from, or if you deleted them, the DUS and Ms. Meade can check the status of the request for you. However, doing so takes time (there are typically about 1,000 records in the system), so please check your emails thoroughly before asking for help.