Notable Publications

Check out the latest published Duke biomedical engineering research in selected leading journals.

An intravital window to image the colon in real time

Nature Communications | Dec 2019

Authors include: Xiling Shen [doi]

Hydrogel microparticles for biomedical applications

Nature Reviews Materials | Nov 2019

Authors include: Tatiana Segura [doi]

An anionic, endosome-escaping polymer to potentiate intracellular delivery of cationic peptides, biomacromolecules, and nanoparticles

Nature Communications | Nov 2019

Authors include: Charles Gersbach [doi]

Kilohertz two-photon brain imaging in awake mice

Nature Methods | Oct 2019

Authors include: Yiyang Gong [doi]

Intrinsically disordered proteins access a range of hysteretic phase separation behaviors

Science Advances | Oct 2019

Authors include: Ashutosh Chilkoti [doi]