Notable Publications

Check out the latest published Duke biomedical engineering research in selected leading journals.

Video-rate high-precision time-frequency multiplexed 3D coherent ranging

Nature Communications | Jul 2022

Authors include: Joseph A. Izatt [doi]

Phosphorylation of guanosine monophosphate reductase triggers a GTP-dependent switch from pro- to anti-oncogenic function of EPHA4

Cell Chemical Biology | Jul 2022

Authors include: Mikhail A. Nikiforov [doi]

SARS-CoV-2 Employ BSG/CD147 and ACE2 Receptors to Directly Infect Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Kidney Podocytes

Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology | Jul 2022

Authors include: Samira Musah [doi]

Late onset cardiovascular dysfunction in adult mice resulting from galactic cosmic ray exposure

iScience | Jul 2022

Authors include: George A. Truskey [doi]

P2RY2-AKT activation is a therapeutically actionable consequence of XPO1 inhibition in acute myeloid leukemia

Nature Cancer | Jul 2022

Authors include: Ashutosh Chilkoti [doi]

A fully water coupled oblique light-sheet microscope

Scientific Reports | Jul 2022

Authors include: Yiyang Gong [doi]

Intra- and interpopulation transposition of mobile genetic elements driven by antibiotic selection

Nature Ecology and Evolution | Mar 2022

Authors include: Lingchong You, Junjie Yao [doi]

Master Regulators and Cofactors of Human Neuronal Cell Fate Specification Identified by CRISPR Gene Activation Screens

Cell Reports | Dec 2020

Authors include: Charles Gersbach [doi]

Modeling early stage atherosclerosis in a primary human vascular microphysiological system

Nature Communications | Dec 2020

Authors include: George Truskey [doi]

The persistence potential of transferable plasmids

Nature Communications | Dec 2020

Authors include: Lingchong You [doi]