Master's Degree Options

Consider your goals—compare your options

Duke BME offers two 30-credit master's degree options—each includes specialized technical education, plus:

Master of Science (MS)

  • Great preparation for industry or entry to PhD program
  • Thesis or Non-Thesis option

Master of Engineering (MEng)

  • Excellent for students interested in industry careers
  • Built-in internship and business courses

Compare Side-by-Side

Degree Program Master of Science
Master of Engineering
Duration 3 semesters 3 semesters
Credits 30 30

Special Features


  • Research thesis, or
  • Non-thesis

Business courses:

  • Business Fundamentals for Engineers
  • Management of High-Tech Industries

Plus an internship or project

Concentrations 14 BME Topic AreasAligned with faculty research interests
Graduate Certificates


Medical Device Design



Research Fellowships Potential eligibility for the Duke BME
Master's Student Research Fellowship program
Average GPA of Enrolled Students
  • GPA: 3.5

(Minimum required GPA: 3.2)

  • GRE Q: 160-166
  • GRE V: 152-160
  • GPA: 3.3-3.7

(Mid-50% range)

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Application Deadlines

Fall Admission:

  • February 1

Fall Admission:

  • Round 1: January 15
  • Round 2: March 15
  • Round 3: June 1 (US citizens & perm. residents only)

Spring Admission:

  • October 1

Spring Admission:

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