MD-Master of Engineering Dual Degree

Because of the close relationship between Duke's School of Medicine and Pratt School of Engineering, medical students can earn Master of Engineering degrees while studying for their MDs.

Preparing Physician-Inventors for Technological Leadership

The Doctor of Medicine-Master of Engineering Dual Degree (MD-MEng) is a five-year program designed for MD candidates within the Duke University School of Medicine who have strong interests in health care, engineering, and innovation and entrepreneurship.

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How it works

Students spend four years (Years 1, 2, 4 and 5) in medical school to fulfill the MD curriculum requirements. In the third year, students take seven courses in the Pratt School of Engineering to fulfill the MEng curriculum requirements.

The third-year thesis requirement in the MD curriculum is fulfilled in the fourth year.


The thesis is focused on discovery and design, which requires:

  • Identification, prioritization and selection of a health care need with high potential impact and value
  • Conceptual design of an innovative solution


Additionally, students must complete an engineering practice-oriented internship, which can be a further development of the design in the Third Year thesis that involves:

  • Detailed engineering design, construction, and test of a proof-of-concept prototype
  • Protection of the resulting intellectual property
  • Presentation of a plan for development that addresses licensing, marketing, regulations, technology, manufacturability, distribution, costs, financing, and risks

Clinical Clerkship

The fifth year consists of the clinical clerkships that are the usual curriculum of the School of Medicine's fourth year.

Partnership with Duke School of Medicine

The program is part of Duke MEDx, a joint initiative between Duke's Pratt School of Engineering and School of Medicine.

Barr-Spach Scholarship

Read about Joshua D'Arcy, a Duke MD-MEng student, and a recipient of the Barr-Spach Medicine and Engineering Scholarship.

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About Duke's Master of Engineering (MEng) program.

Highlights of the Duke MD-MEng

  • Three MD courses can be credited toward partial fulfillment of the MEng curriculum requirements, shortening the usual MEng time by one semester
  • Designed to help future clinicians make an impact not only in medicine but also in the health care industry
  • Puts candidates at the forefront of health care innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Provides integrated medical and engineering training in a real-world environment
  • Provides access to both a top engineering research institution and a top medical school
  • Provides a sound foundation for a career in health care delivery, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Five years to complete

Basic Requirements

  • Open only to Duke medical school students in good academic standing
  • Requires Duke University School of Medicine clearance through the Director of Third Year Study Program
  • Managed by the Pratt School of Engineering

How to Apply

  1. Send a Notification of Interest to Bev Gedvillas at
  2. Apply through our Master of Engineering (MEng) website

Note: Applicants may use MCAT scores in lieu of GRE scores for the MD-MEng dual degree only.