Notable Publications

Check out the latest published Duke biomedical engineering research in selected leading journals.

SARS-CoV-2 Employ BSG/CD147 and ACE2 Receptors to Directly Infect Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Kidney Podocytes

Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology |

Authors include: Samira Musah [doi]

Phosphorylation of guanosine monophosphate reductase triggers a GTP-dependent switch from pro- to anti-oncogenic function of EPHA4

Cell Chemical Biology |

Authors include: Mikhail A. Nikiforov [doi]

Video-rate high-precision time-frequency multiplexed 3D coherent ranging

Nature Communications |

Authors include: Joseph A. Izatt [doi]

A fully water coupled oblique light-sheet microscope

Scientific Reports |

Authors include: Yiyang Gong [doi]

P2RY2-AKT activation is a therapeutically actionable consequence of XPO1 inhibition in acute myeloid leukemia

Nature Cancer |

Authors include: Ashutosh Chilkoti [doi]

Late onset cardiovascular dysfunction in adult mice resulting from galactic cosmic ray exposure

iScience |

Authors include: George A. Truskey [doi]

Intra- and interpopulation transposition of mobile genetic elements driven by antibiotic selection

Nature Ecology and Evolution |

Authors include: Lingchong You, Junjie Yao [doi]

Modeling early stage atherosclerosis in a primary human vascular microphysiological system

Nature Communications |

Authors include: George Truskey [doi]

The persistence potential of transferable plasmids

Nature Communications |

Authors include: Lingchong You [doi]

Master Regulators and Cofactors of Human Neuronal Cell Fate Specification Identified by CRISPR Gene Activation Screens

Cell Reports |

Authors include: Charles Gersbach [doi]

Technology of deep brain stimulation: current status and future directions

Nature Reviews Neurology |

Authors include: Warren M. Grill [doi]

Activating an adaptive immune response from a hydrogel scaffold imparts regenerative wound healing

Nature Materials |

Authors include: Tatiana Segura [doi]

A near-infrared genetically encoded calcium indicator for in vivo imaging

Nature Biotechnology |

Authors include: Junjie Yao [doi]

Temporal encoding of bacterial identity and traits in growth dynamics

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America |

Authors include: Lingchong You [doi]

Advances in nanomaterial vaccine strategies to address infectious diseases impacting global health

Nature Nanotechnology |

Authors include: Joel Collier [doi]

Unwinding the Role of FACT in Cas9-based Genome Editing

Molecular Cell |

Authors include: Charles Gersbach [doi]

De novo engineering of intracellular condensates using artificial disordered proteins

Nature Chemistry |

Authors include: Ashutosh Chilkoti [doi]

Sustained release of a GLP-1 and FGF21 dual agonist from an injectable depot protects mice from obesity and hyperglycemia

Science Advances |

Authors include: Ashutosh Chilkoti [doi]

Examining metastatic behavior within 3D bioprinted vasculature for the validation of a 3D computational flow model

Science Advances |

Authors include: Amanda Randles [doi]

Comprehensive Endogenous Tagging of Basement Membrane Components Reveals Dynamic Movement within the Matrix Scaffolding

Developmental Cell |

Authors include: Brenton D. Hoffman [doi]

Myogenic Progenitor Cell Lineage Specification by CRISPR/Cas9-Based Transcriptional Activators

Stem Cell Reports |

Authors include: Charles Gersbach [doi]

Intravital imaging of mouse embryos

Science |

Authors include: Xiling Shen [doi]

Development of a neural interface for high-definition, long-term recording in rodents and nonhuman primates

Science Translational Medicine |

Authors include: Jonathan Viventi [doi]

Complex microparticle architectures from stimuli-responsive intrinsically disordered proteins

Nature Communications |

Authors include: Ashutosh Chilkoti, Stefan Zauscher [doi]

Human iPSCs Stretch to Improve Tissue-Engineered Vascular Grafts

Cell Stem Cell |

Authors include: George Truskey [doi]