2011 - 2012 Duke Coulter Partnership Projects

Enhancing Neuromodulation with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

BME Investigator
Warren M Grill Ph.D., Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Clinical Investigators
Sarah Lisanby, M.D., Professor Biological Psychiatry
Angel Peterchev, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Biological Psychiatry
Bruce Luber, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences


Evaluation of Regional Ventilation in Normal Subjects and
Subjects with Airway and Lung Disorders

BME Investigators
James R MacFall, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Radiology
Cecil Charles, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Radiology

Clinical Investigators
Neil MacIntyre, M.D., Professor, Pulmonary Medicine
Richard Moon, M.D., Professor, Anesthesiology
H. Page McAdams, M.D., Professor, Radiology
Bastiaan Driehuys, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Radiology
Brian Soher, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Radiology
William Michael Foster, Ph.D.


Developing Nucleic Acid Binding Polymers as
Molecular Scavengers to Control Aseptic Inflammation

BME Investigator
Kam W Leong, Ph.D., Professor, Biomedical Engineering                                         

Clinical Investigators
David Pisetsky, M.D. Professor, Department of Medicine
Bruce Sullenger, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Surgery
Jaewoo Lee, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery


Clinical Development of Porphyrin Therapeutics

BME Investigator
Mark W Dewhirst, D.V.M., Ph.D., Professor, Radiation Oncology                 

Clinical Investigators
David Warner, M.D., Professor, Anesthesiology
David Brizel, M.D., Professor, Radiation Oncology
Christopher Lascola, M.D., Assistant Professor, Neuroradiology
Ines Batinic-Haberle, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Radiation Oncology
Ivan Spasojevic, Ph.D., Postdoc Associate, Oncology
Greg Palmer, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Radiation Oncology

Gonioscopic OCT: A Novel In Vivo Glaucoma Imaging Device

BME Investigator
Joseph A Izatt, Ph.D., Professor, Biomedical Engineering and Ophthalmology

Clinical Investigator
Anthony Kuo, M.D., Assistant Professor, Ophthalmology

Linearized apoE for Treatment of Acute Brain Injury

BME Investigator
Cameron R. 'Dale' Bass, Ph.D., Associate Research Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Clinical Investigator
Daniel Laskowitz, M.D., Associate Professor, Medicine