2009 - 2010 Duke Coulter Partnership Projects

SDOCT Keratometer for Improving Cataract Surgery
Outcome in Post-Laser Refractive Surgery

BME Investigator
Joseph Izatt, Ph.D., Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Clinical Investigator:
Anthony Kuo, M.D., Assistant Professor, Ophthalmology


Detection of Disease-Specific Whole Blood mRNA Expression
Signature using Molecular Sentinel Nanoprobe Technology

BME Investigator:
Tuan Vo-Dinh, Ph.D., Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Clinical Investigator:
Aimee Zaas, M.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine
Geoffrey Ginsburg, M.D., Ph.D., Professor, Department of Medicine
Chris Woods, M.D., Associate Professor, Department of Medicine


Development of a Transfusion Catheter to Restore the
Oxygen Delivery Capabilities of Banked Blood

BME Investigators:
James Reynolds, Ph.D., Anesthesiology
Fan Yuan, Ph.D., Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Clinical Investigator:
Jonathan Stamler, M.D., Department of Medicine