Duke MD-MEng student Joshua D'Arcy in a white coat

MD+Master of Engineering Dual Degree

For Duke MD students interested in entrepreneurship and innovation

The Doctor of Medicine-Master of Engineering Dual Degree (MD+MEng) is a five-year program designed for MD candidates within the Duke University School of Medicine who have strong interests in health care, engineering, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Duke MD+MEng students are eligible to receive the Barr-Spach Medicine and Engineering Scholarship to support tuition and fees.

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Earn an Engineering Master's During The Third YEar

  • Seven engineering courses—taken during the Third Year of medical school
  • A thesis, with a focus on the discovery of a health care need and the design of a solution—completed in the Fourth Year
  • An internship, focused on engineering—completed in the Fourth Year

Engineering Courses

Thesis Focused on Engineering Innovation

  • Identification, prioritization, and selection of a health care need with high potential impact and value
  • Conceptual design of an innovative solution

Engineering Internship

Complete an engineering practice-oriented internship, which can be a further development of the design in your thesis:

  • Detailed engineering design, construction, and test of a proof-of-concept prototype
  • Protection of the resulting intellectual property
  • Presentation of a plan for development that addresses licensing, marketing, regulations, technology, manufacturability, distribution, costs, financing, and risks

Clinical Clerkship Re-Scheduled

Clinical clerkships take place in the Fifth Year, instead of in the Fourth Year.

Barr-Spach Scholarship

This competitive scholarship provides support toward tuition and fees, and is awarded annually to third-year Duke medical students who have been accepted into the MD-MEng dual degree program.

It was created by a gift from Maynard Ramsey III, M’69, G’75, to honor his Duke mentors:

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Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a Duke medical student in good academic standing
  • Obtain clearance from Duke University School of Medicine through the Director of Third-Year Study Program
  • File Notification of Interest and apply to a Duke engineering master's degree program

How to Apply

  1. Send a Notification of Interest to Bev Gedvillas at beverly.gedvillas@duke.edu, and
  2. Apply through Duke's Master of Engineering (MEng) website