Derek Southwell


Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery

Appointments and Affiliations

  • Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery
  • Faculty Network Member of the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences
  • Assistant Research Professor in Neurobiology
  • Assistant Professor in Pathology
  • Assistant Professor in Neurology
  • Affiliate of the Duke Regeneration Center

Contact Information

  • Office Location: DUMC 3807, 1542 Blue Zone Duke South, Durham, NC 27710
  • Office Phone: (919) 660-3928
  • Email Address:


  • University of California - San Francisco, 2018
  • Stanford University, School of Medicine, 2013
  • M.D. University of California - San Francisco, 2011
  • Ph.D. University of California - San Francisco, 2009
  • B.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2001

Awards, Honors, and Distinctions

  • Translating Duke Health Scholar. Duke University. 2018
  • Whitehead Scholar. Duke University. 2018
  • Eli and Edyth Broad Regeneration Medicine and Stem Cell Fellowship . University of California, San Francisco. 2016
  • Rosegay Award. San Francisco Neurological Society. 2016
  • Integra Foundation Award. Congress of Neurological Surgeons. 2014
  • Academy Award. American Academy of Neurological Surgeons. 2012
  • Stem Cell Scholar. California Institute for Regenerative Medicine. 2006
  • Phi Beta Kappa. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 2001
  • Undergraduate Research Fellowship. Howard Hughes Medical Institute. 1999

Courses Taught

  • NEUROBIO 393: Research Independent Study
  • NEUROBIO 793: Research in Neurobiology
  • NEUROSCI 493: Research Independent Study 1

Representative Publications

  • Sun, J; Barth, K; Qiao, S; Chiang, C-H; Wang, C; Rahimpour, S; Trumpis, M; Duraivel, S; Dubey, A; Wingel, KE; Rachinskiy, I; Voinas, AE; Ferrentino, B; Southwell, DG; Haglund, MM; Friedman, AH; Lad, SP; Doyle, WK; Solzbacher, F; Cogan, G; Sinha, SR; Devore, S; Devinsky, O; Friedman, D; Pesaran, B; Viventi, J, Intraoperative microseizure detection using a high-density micro-electrocorticography electrode array., Brain Communications, vol 4 no. 3 (2022) [10.1093/braincomms/fcac122] [abs].
  • Chiang, C-H; Wang, C; Barth, K; Rahimpour, S; Trumpis, M; Duraivel, S; Rachinskiy, I; Dubey, A; Wingel, KE; Wong, M; Witham, NS; Odell, T; Woods, V; Bent, B; Doyle, W; Friedman, D; Bihler, E; Reiche, CF; Southwell, DG; Haglund, MM; Friedman, AH; Lad, SP; Devore, S; Devinsky, O; Solzbacher, F; Pesaran, B; Cogan, G; Viventi, J, Flexible, high-resolution thin-film electrodes for human and animal neural research., J Neural Eng, vol 18 no. 4 (2021) [10.1088/1741-2552/ac02dc] [abs].
  • Ali, MB; Gu, IY-H; Berger, MS; Pallud, J; Southwell, D; Widhalm, G; Roux, A; Vecchio, TG; Jakola, AS, Domain Mapping and Deep Learning from Multiple MRI Clinical Datasets for Prediction of Molecular Subtypes in Low Grade Gliomas., Brain Sciences, vol 10 no. 7 (2020) [10.3390/brainsci10070463] [abs].
  • Rutkowski, MJ; Southwell, DG; Cardinal, TM; Blevins, LS, Acromegaly due to McCune-Albright syndrome, Us Endocrinology, vol 16 no. 1 (2020), pp. 47-50 [10.17925/use.2020.16.1.47] [abs].
  • Harward, SC; Southwell, DG, Interneuron transplantation: a prospective surgical therapy for medically refractory epilepsy., Neurosurgical Focus, vol 48 no. 4 (2020) [10.3171/2020.2.FOCUS19955] [abs].