Anthony Nanlin Kuo


Associate Professor of Ophthalmology

Appointments and Affiliations

  • Associate Professor of Ophthalmology

Contact Information

  • Office Location: 2351 Erwin Rd, Durham, NC 27710
  • Office Phone: (919) 684-3799
  • Email Address:


  • Duke University, 2008
  • University of Pittsburgh, 2006
  • University of Pittsburgh, 2005
  • University of Pittsburgh, 2003
  • M.D. Vanderbilt University, 2002

Courses Taught

  • BME 494: Projects in Biomedical Engineering (GE)
  • PHYSICS 495: Thesis Independent Study

Representative Publications

  • Draelos, M; Ortiz, P; Qian, R; Viehland, C; McNabb, R; Hauser, K; Kuo, AN; Izatt, JA, Contactless optical coherence tomography of the eyes of freestanding individuals with a robotic scanner., Nature Biomedical Engineering, vol 5 no. 7 (2021), pp. 726-736 [10.1038/s41551-021-00753-6] [abs].
  • McNabb, RP; Liu, AS; Gospe, SM; El-Dairi, M; Meekins, LC; James, C; Vann, RR; Izatt, JA; Kuo, AN, QUANTITATIVE TOPOGRAPHIC CURVATURE MAPS OF THE POSTERIOR EYE UTILIZING OPTICAL COHERENCE TOMOGRAPHY., Retina, vol 41 no. 4 (2021), pp. 804-811 [10.1097/IAE.0000000000002897] [abs].
  • Qian, R; McNabb, RP; Zhou, KC; Mousa, HM; Saban, DR; Perez, VL; Kuo, AN; Izatt, JA, In vivo quantitative analysis of anterior chamber white blood cell mixture composition using spectroscopic optical coherence tomography., Biomedical Optics Express, vol 12 no. 4 (2021), pp. 2134-2148 [10.1364/BOE.419063] [abs].
  • Matsumura, S; Sabanayagam, C; Wong, CW; Tan, C-S; Kuo, A; Wong, YL; Ohno-Matsui, K; Wong, TY; Cheng, C-Y; Hoang, QV; Saw, SM, Characteristics of myopic traction maculopathy in myopic Singaporean adults., British Journal of Ophthalmology, vol 105 no. 4 (2021), pp. 531-537 [10.1136/bjophthalmol-2020-316182] [abs].
  • Zheng, F; Wong, C-W; Sabanayagam, C; Cheung, Y-B; Matsumura, S; Chua, J; Man, REK; Ohno-Matsui, K; Wong, T-Y; Cheng, C-Y; Tai, ES; Lamoureux, ELED; Schmetterer, L; Kuo, A; Hoang, QV; Saw, S-M, Prevalence, risk factors and impact of posterior staphyloma diagnosed from wide-field optical coherence tomography in Singapore adults with high myopia., Acta Ophthalmol, vol 99 no. 2 (2021), pp. e144-e153 [10.1111/aos.14527] [abs].