Research News

August 16, 2002

DARPA to Support Development of Human Brain-Machine Interfaces

Devices including "neuroprosthetic" limbs for paralyzed people and "neurorobots" controlled by brain signals from human operators could be the ultimate applications of brain-machine interface technologies developed under a $26 million contract to Duke University sponsored by the Defense Advanced [...]

April 09, 2002

Ultrasound Technique May Help Detect Breast Abnormalities

New and promising ultrasound techniques devised at Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering can "remotely palpate" tissues, detecting and in some cases characterizing breast abnormalities that are deeper and smaller than the 1-centimeter-sized lesions that physicians can detect by feel, said [...]

February 01, 2002

Two Whitaker Foundation Grants to Fund Genomic Technology and Biophotonics

The Whitaker Foundation has awarded two grants totaling nearly $2 million to the Pratt School of Engineering to accelerate promising research and teaching programs in genomic technology and biomolecular modeling, and in biophotonics, the merger of optical technologies with medicine. Both "Special [...]

August 31, 2001

Duke Researchers’ Tree-Like Biomolecule Under Evaluation for Applications in Eyes and Joints

Duke University Chemistry Department researchers are creating unique polymers out of naturally occurring building blocks that don't provoke immune reactions and in some cases also biodegrade in the body. The tree-like, globular-shaped substances are being evaluated for a variety of medical uses.